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When I open an Undet project my clipping box is empty? Why?

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An empty clipping box means problems with Nvidia Quadro and some Radeon video drivers or in rare cases conflict situations with other plug-ins.

Please try these options:

1. If you using different SketchUp templates you need to be sure that View>Edges>Profile section is ticked.

2. To work with Undet for SketchUp, please run Undet software from our ICON „Undet for SketchUp 2019“, our shortcut will activate drivers for Quadro / Radeon video cards.

3. Please update video card drivers to latest and try the first step.

If the problem persists, we will need to connect to your computer for individual customization. Regarding this issue please contact us at https://www.undet.com/technical-support/

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