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Does Undet project support large coordinate system (State, airborne LiDAR)?

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Yes, if you have scan data files in large / state coordinate system (as an example UAV, Airborne LiDAR) you can create Undet project.

In all Undet plugins, there are “coordinate system transformation” tools.

An example: if you will try to open the Undet project in a large coordinate system, Undet will suggest shifting point cloud data to coordinates (0,0,0) center. Any time you will be able to change the coordinate system from the project (0,0,0) to original with large numbers.

We are not recommending to create deliverables using point cloud in the large coordinate system. It may cause loss of errors to use modeling tools and start screen view glitching while zooming.

4. Can I index terrestrial scanning data (as. example. Building) selecting “Detail scanned object” type?

Undet database has double file structure Preview points and Full points. Selecting the right project type speeds up the indexing process, without losing full point cloud points and affects only the preview view. Preview points are creating from all imported scan data by using GRID, which size depends on the selected project type. The default GRID size for each project is chosen for optimal indexing speed and faster preview navigation to find a place to load all points using the “clipping box or view section”.

Sometimes you don’t need to see all point to understanding object structure. If you are an advanced Undet user, you can experiment with project type and find the best workflow for your type of projects.

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